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Playing casino without spending too much money


March 11, 2013 by Spainspo

Casino games can be an extremely fun activity to enjoy on your free time, and that is probably why millions of people from all over the world spend plenty of time on casino sites every day. Unfortunately, it’s not the cheapest hobby to have in the world. We all know that we can’t always win when play at a casino – after all, the online casinos are businesses, and businesses have to make money, thus all casino games are design to be in the casinos favor. The good thing is that we do sometimes win, and if we’re lucky, we win big when we do it. Winning should not be the reason that you start playing casino games however, it’s much better to play to get some excitement for in the moment and spice up your everyday life.

So now that we’ve established that we can’t win all the time when we play casino games, how do we make sure that when we do lose money, we keep our losses at the bare minimum? Well, there are plenty of smart things to do about that! First of all, the best way to play casino on a budget is to chose a website that offers a lot of bonuses. Bonuses are given to players when they make a deposit, or when they sign up to the website for example. When you are given a bonus, it means that you will be given an additional amount of money on top of what you have just deposited. Does this seem to good to be true? Well, you can’t just simply deposit $100, then receive $200 in bonus and withdraw them straight away to make a profit – that would ruin the online casinos. Instead, you have to complete a wagering requirement that is specified beforehand. The wagering requirement is usually around 20X the money you’ve deposited. So, say for example that you deposit $100 and your bonus has a wagering requirement of 20x the deposit. This means that you have to wager $2000 in the casino before your money becomes “unlocked” and can be withdrawn. Don’t worry if it sounds like a lot, it actually goes much quicker than you’d think! You can find some of the best bonuses at two websites I have found: Euro Gambler and They are casino portals which can be found here!

Another good thing to do when you start playing casino games is to sign up to their newsletters. It’s usually done when you register an account with the website. However, it’s easy to think that you don’t want a lot of annoying newsletters from different companies, and for that reason a lot of people choose to untick that box when they register, but this is a bad idea! It’s mainly via the email campaigns that the casinos offer their players free spins on the slot machines as well as free bonuses and tournaments. Don’t miss out on these offers – make sure to sign up for the newsletter!

You can find several more tips on how to play casino cheaply on sites such as or Quiniela. If you are looking for good casino bonuses they are great places to start!


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